Translation of Mohi Kontok

The purpose of poetry is to represent the struggles of minds and indication of pursuing dreams untouchable. The audio version (podcast) contains a collection of poems read by the author of mOHiKonTok. Copyright 2021.

Once upon a time, I bought a sunflower stick alive while returning home from work. It comes with a pack of nutrition for the flower. So, it would live longer than usual. It was a windy day on a chilly spring evening. The flower did sway with the wind from the Hudson Bay. I brought it home for my fiancé. She did not look at it, or perhaps she did. It needed attention but she forgets to put it in the container with water and care. The flower died without water. After few hours, I see a glimpse of truth in here. I dare to express that flowers can live more than a day if kept in the proper environment. What is the point of having a nutrition pack when plants decayed without care? Flowers can live more than a day without nutrition if it is with water in the proper way. Similarly, happiness cannot stay in a million-dollar treaty. and humanism without care. What is a Life without water? It was the last sunflower. 

Your mouth is speechless as silent as mine, you have that desires as like as mine; You would see some scars that might shine, under my shirt on my left shoulder line. Your mouth is still as silent as mine. From Brooklyn to the Bronx, I see both beautiful and ugly reflection, The tower of the United Nation, 

The Rikers’ Island by the East River! Waves of Atlantic dump up seaweed on the feet of the riverside drive, Makes me feel like someone has got to do better than these. In the world of words and expressions. I remember a river from my childhood reflection, a long time ago when it dried losing all water to India because of the barrage on the holy river Ganga. Maybe I’m more injured than that river; Living the life of those who live with thirst without water. Your mouth is speechless as silent as mine.

In the Tower of Hell!  We wished for nothing more than what you’ve promised to give. Give us a raise in the job of self-help, we need your help; Do not divide us with what you’ve promised to give. Hope not seen, in the false treaty with zero possibility, Yet we see a river of honey, and a sea of dairy meals, in the dull economy. Hope is seen, in the steam of jerk chicken, and hope is seen, in the steam of lentil soup, and hope is seen, in the steam of milk chocolate. We are hopeful to get those as seen in the sky shop or in the ice-cream scoop. We are at the dead end. we need your help In the tower of hell. 

Pandemic fall in the neighborhood of NY. Pandemic put a mask on our smile for a while, Pandemic mourn on my epitaph: I wasn’t here, then I was, and now I am, not worried about where am I.

Under a fallen tree; I am a public! Pandemic prohibits the roadside seat; beside the highway, waiting to cross the street, as vines fly around, so does green leaves. Beside the Hudson river, the high speed vehicle beams. We stop for the signal before exit thirteen,  and a friend of mine, mourn for the death of mine, I died in the year of Covid 19. 

I wasn’t here, then I was, and now I am, not worried about where am I. Neither posted in the sky nor seen in human eyes; I wasn’t here, then I was, and now I am, not worried about where am I. Pandemic fall in the neighborhood of NY.  

An example of Irony. Have you heard the news of a bridge that is newly built in Bangladesh? The bridge has collapsed on the day of its opening ceremony. In this event, I see the cruelty that turns into stupidity. This is an example of irony! 

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