Translation of Mohi Kontok

Translation of first ten poems from mOHiKonTok

by NasR Ula


I need your help,

I want nothing more than 

what you promised to yourself.

Who gives rise up in a job of self-help, 

who gives a river of honey, and

A sea of dairy meals, and flocks of birds,

Who will see again these days of sunny bright future

That comes to no dead end?

No hope seen in the steam of hot chicken soup, 

or milk chocolate these days.

There is no need to feed fire 

With a false treaty, with zero possibility,

And fake responsibility.

Remove the darkness, give us light of the lamp 

Not posted in the sky, not seen in human eyes,

But enlightened with selflessness. 

There is no need to feed with furious fire, 

Freeze the fire, for a better chance,

Crops grow good seeds as these,

use these to remove the darkness.

Sit here for a moment, 

Under the oak tree, 

Watch the stream of hot chocolate,

On the roadside public seat. 

Remove the darkness,

Give us light by the lamp, 

Not posted in the sky,

But enlightened with selflessness. 


Have you heard about a bridge that

newly built in Bangladesh?

The bridge collapsed on the day 

of the opening ceremony.

It is an irony! 

Astagfirulla. (bip bip bip bip bip)

Are we growing day by day, (bip bip)

And forgetting lessons learned (bip bip)

Before our hair turns to grey?

Are we growing fear, more fearful? 

The one who has bought fear, Astagfirulla, 

His life is delusional, dear.

You are Sai, Malik Maula; Someone says,

Ah, is there any great Spirit

to pick up the call;

Please pick those thorns out of our minds, 

Have mercy on us Ilala,

Accept the prayer; Astagfirulla.

Since facts flip to ridiculae,

Now a day, and in this realm of Karma

Before our hair turns to grey

Zillions of years passed away, Astagfirulla.


Adam laid his hands on the apple and

Let it play in building the Iblis’s temple;

There he was forbidden to go.

He crushed the fruits, and made the juice,

And wrote the letter with branches and bruise, 

on a leaf of a tree name Maowa, 

When Eve came as comforting wind,

More gorgeous, more beautiful than seen ever, 

Iblis appears to make them free, out of the fire; 

And led them both to exchange 

Of words together for a moment,

And then separated them forever.

Adam falls back in the track 

from the back of the tree. He asked himself.

Who is made with a better element? 

Soil or water soil free? 

He studies chemistry, biology, of knowledge tree,

And trigonometry and still reading.

He crushed the fruit on a tree leaf, 

And put a hand upon it,

and wrote to Eve: Be patient,

Be patient Howa my friend, 

If you are careless, you will regret it. 

There are rough years and,

tough obstacles are laying around the field, and

It’s not so easy to keep counting years till the end.

What it was in your mind

that we would never know, 

Who is the father of all the people, 

is a very ordinary man, we see,

Birth and death are also written on his head.

If you get a crush, darling- on the serpent, 

That gives the sufferings of higher tax, and 

Unemployment burden, 

Hissing injustice reaches its tongue

As long as it could be stretched from the junkyard

To the monuments of the oval circle in the Bronx. 


Ala does not create religions,

Those who have created religion,

They are the people from Ala’s creation.

Division is not drawn by a map, 

It is the men who follow a map. 

A map-man created different colors, 

Different languages, and different genres,

Different races that I see and 

Different persons that I speak to,

And spoken to me; and

Differences hemonizes in unity.

That’s what I see,

And it is fair and humane.

Humanity is

Helping with whatever we have extra

than need, and that makes lives pretty, 

The name of the religion is truely, Humanity.


I am used to singing a Song of Remedy.

You are used to say that you could see, 

What is hidden under my breasts is known to me.

Doyal you are all knower, how that could be,

And you know the best, 

And you throw the best test to know about me.

You wrote, without you, I knew no Mantra.

La ilaha illa anta, If

I am feeling an endless zantrana;

Let it be my Dua, Subhanaka. 

In the last dream there was a scenario,

I have been fallen in a cave down below,

Like in the stomach of a whale under sea, 

and I was chanting, 

Inni Kuntum Minaj Jalimin,

Giving up or resilience it means. 


The heart of the Intrepid ship beats as if tsunami

Ploughing through the waters of the Hudson river.

In naval warfare, 

hurricane swings with waters of the Atlantic

a tsunami alike wave that comes to wipe 

all the pain and joy, made by the god of war Aeris,

the trees deny to satisfy the thirst of Achilles, 

rather they chill with the rebellious wind. 

Paris feels like there is

No more Hector left to cure the dead.

The Troy suburb was once flooded 

In the waves of Spartan boats;

Smallest turtles rode on Intrepid, 

Like red ants on the bark of 

storm-stricken maple trees, on the Caribbean coast. 

The heart of the Intrepid ship beats as if tsunami

Ploughing through the waters of the Hudson river.


All poets love their own language.

All poets write in their own way.

There is no shallowness in any language today.

There is no language superior to any language.

Find a single poet and 

Ask all poets to greet his or her lines.

Not all shall do so, 

Because someone has got so better than these.

Individuality survives in all languages,

In all words of all nations, Wende Ya Ho.

My face is knitted with all faces.

I have got languages for all races, 

What else Mother Nature says,

Either in happiness or in depresses, 

Differences remain there always;

In words and in expressions

Individuality survives in all languages.

All poets want to express love in their own language.


Your mouth is as silent as mine,

You have that desires as like as mine;

You would see scars that shine

Under my shirt on my shoulder line

A few scars shine like tattoos.

Your mouth is as silent as mine.

From Brooklyn to the Bronx, I see

How many beautiful and ugly reflection,

The United Nation, 

The Rikers’ Island in the East River!

Waves of Atlantic dump up seaweed 

on the riverside drive,

Makes me feel like swimming in the Gorai river of Bangla 

Long time before it dried up losing all water to India 

because of the barrage on the holy Ganges river.

Maybe I’m more injured than that river; 

Living the life of those who lives with thirst without water, or 

Maybe I am more injured than of those 

who are overspeeding on the high road.

The car of time is moving moving so faster,

In  every moment, the wheels of the car

Turn to claws of a jaguar, and the littlest turtle

That sends centuries to newer goldmine, 

Your face is still as silent as mine.


There is one flower that dances with a fire-fly.

Without your worship 

She does not come close to you entirely.

Without the fragrance of it, 

Victoria couldn’t build her secret tower.

She reveals herself in red and white, 

and She holds a candle that fires light.


Since the arrival of man on earth

Raman never stops.

The Earth is moving around the Sun, 

And the Moon is fooling around;

Sometimes it fades out to half, then disappear,

Sometimes it is partially overshadowed. 

I know the day is dark, but blessed.

And it will not be the same all years ahead.

The sun digs out a day, a little boy of ray.

Little by little each new day, grown to noon, 

Before it gets diminished by afternoon.

The golden sun-rays may seem far away,

but it is super fast in its way. 

And once it reaches it will stay.

And it will make us sway.

When I found it in the song of Cherokee, 

What day is Today? I said,

A national good morning day.

Wende Ya Ho.

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