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The myth of Hiawatha

Hiawatha, a Native American, from Mohawk tribe from upstate New York, united tribes in United States through a primitive federal system in upper New York. He is remembered for the foundation of Iroquois nation in New York. His stories has been retold throughout North America.

It’s been retold that Hiawatha was born in Mohawk tribe. But his Clan identity is a debate. There were 3 clans of Lenape people of New York. Each clan had 12 sub clans. Sub clans has tribes names are interesting like big bird, smallest turtle, dog standing beside the fire, Red face etc. He fled from Mohawk tribe and joined the Onondaga tribe which was part of Lenape of New York. But Mohawk tribe was not part of Lenape clan.

He worships the great Spirit. The only religion is care. The Iroquois nation believe in peace of unity for a matrilineal system.

1. Opening : In the honor of Unity

In the honor of unity, all praise is due to this treaty,

That today the new sun has brought it forth to you. 

One and the only deity, blessed with humanity, 

With true love for the new city of Iroquois. 

Freeze this war and hold onto these battleships.

It is peace for what you worship, isn’t it? 

It is peace for what you ask for it, isn’t it?

It is peace you were made young men and women, you work for it, and you live for it.

Say, guide us GS to the straight route.

The route of those upon whom peace have been bestowed, 

Not of those who have burned themselves 

with jealousy they ignore, and turn away like Ogre

And they have been turned to ashes by their own anger.

What you have understood is that the biological war brings hunger,

And tears, and it never brings peace, don’t you remember?


And my dear Hiawatha, you are just a warner. In fact, I have sent you

with the facts, that war never brings peace with any neighbor.

There was no nation that I did not send this same message to them

before I change their status on the Earth. And if they deny you – 

It is not new. They have denied others too. 

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