Caves of wind

Take a step in the caves of western wind, Wash war paints in the stream of dream catcher zinx. Long time ago an American hero in Native land, takes a break from his journey on way far from New York. He stepped up to say a prayer on a fallen rock , Jhail storm west wind form wash away germs. By the Muhheakantuck River. He sings in praises of the highest spirits. The Great Spirit of Humanity travels from the North from the South.

Hiawatha was born to the Mohawk tribe. He could chase animals at the speed of wind. He fled from his tribe to Onondaga tribe because his people did not believe in his right. Onondaga people embraces truth with love and hope right. Six tribes become friends. United to stop the spread or die. They gather around front cave of wind’s gate so high.

It’s the giant cyclops duganawada who was eating people living by Hudson river. Muhheakantuck is the early name of the Hudson River. The river is living for thirty thousands years. It’s been Long Mohi was born from the North American glacier. The ice of the glacier moves slowly with peaceful colors, snow flakes dash each other rolling towards downhill tirelessly with chill whithout stop or pause. It was the time when there was no loss, neither Tapanjee bridge or GWB cross. There were coyotes and bobcat in manhattans jungle, gross. Hiawatha reaches to upstate New York and pause.

Gs is the most powerful dude in the sky of blue, but when he sleeps confusion arises peace troubled. He has created confusions to test the troubled, not ready to accept our strength of truth. We all are yours sons, daughters or bro from the same root. Gs Under one nation with equal ratio, believe in truth, but different races and o. We all are born different, but we are not less bro.

Gs is the most powerful dude in the sky of blue. Nothing is too small to make a difference in the society we live dude. Sun shines the truth and the moon gets it through. Asteroid meteors are traveling in the sky of blue. Under one sky with different faces I knew. Two different colors of the same tasteless food. Different spices necessarily make a tasty cook.

Different language melts in a pot call it a hotshot, what makes us different that you don’t pay attention or listen. Why can’t you stay home and stop the spread for a moment that’s what shows your care and live for friends, that’s what make me chill that makes the difference. We all are born different, but we are not less. With dignity and unity be one Indivisible race. United we stand like Amigos shake hands. Under one sky we see different faces, and races but no one is less.

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