Pepperoni pizza

How you want your pizza to make? I say, for gods sake don’t forget to red hot spice and pepperoni upon the pizzas cheesy chest; then cut the rest into slices of eight pieces for I will take it home to share. When the delivery arrived, I see those little pricey slices, but I see not my red hot pepperoni. They did not make it right. CSR answered with the same excuse of tips. The truth of the matter is that they make it right but someone else’s put the right pizza in the wrong box. In google list if you type the best wrong pizza in the Bronx the Search results pop up with the name of this Dominos. The delivery is late in cold December night. The best of all is I cannot forget its unforgettable taste. It keeps me remembering those circles of pepperoni. Replacement pizza arrived. I heard it’s warm hug in the box. Eat me, I am your pizza, I was born in a hot pan under four hundred degree Fahrenheit two and half hours ago with endless love. Born hot love for you. Do not abandon me. Eat me.

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