Wonder: Movie Review

The movie “Wonder” begins with a kid, Auggie, wearing a helmet like a moonwalker while jumping on the bed which reminds me of floating in the space. His main interest is in science soon we have found. His daily living is harder when it comes to his physical look compared to those of regular kids. His face is deformed. He looks like the Grinch. His mom said that we all have deformed face more or less. She has scars on her face too. It is not about how he looks. It is about how he sees in the world.

There are many caring figures to stimulate Auggie with positive thinking. I have identified a few important caring figures, and their speech focused on the following situation:

The first day at schoolyard Auggie was facing difficulties like emotional disturbances as he saw some students were staring at him. He exaggerated the fact and thought all of them are running away from him as he approaches the door. He stopped. He remembers that his mother said, if you do not know where you are, then pick a place where you want to be. By this time He reached out to the door to enter into school.

When he came back from school his sister who had a hard time in school as her best friend treated her so cold. She was upset. Auggie enters into her room without knocking which was not usual that he does normally. He found scissors in her sister’s dressing tables drawer and cut his own hair as a result of frustration that he got from school. His sister says everybody in normal life has to face difficulty in regular normal life. Auggie arguments that He does not look like normal kids. His sister replied and asked him to accept the changes. Accept changes as normal people do. She lost her best friend on the first day of school. She is accepting the truth. People change. It is painful. But, this is a reality. Things change. Sister supported his feelings of being offended for difficulty in school. So does she faces a bad time in school too? Regular people have more patience than exceptional kids. They act as caring figures. As a teacher or parents or community stakeholders, we should make sure that the environment is safe so that kids can be teachable.

He was bullied several times. But he uses his uses of speech in some cases shows us about his struggle to overcome speech impairment. Once he was asked to say 2 things about him.  He said 3 things. He presented the whole thing with wit which is noteworthy. When he saw the guitar in his sister’s boyfriend’s hand he asked whether it is a machine gun. Once he acts savagely by showing off eating food from the plate without using hands and burping up after finishing the food in a cafeteria. it is awkward but it turns to a hilarious moment because of his talent. He made a joke out of it. Other kids join in it. He made friends eventually. It’s possible to gain social achievements if the educational expectation is clear and there are enough supports.

The video shows me how a child’s educational setting should be and what is expected and what is the challenge. When Auggie was amazed to see the science lab he felt excited to come to school. School should be resourceful. We have to make sure that the child’s environment is supportive before delivering instruction. Still, the exception may happen. The child may lose trust and patience on caregivers for their mistakes. Peer pressure can be used for supporting an exceptional child’s education.