All Done

It’s not just get it over to you, Hun…
It’s all about how yo get it done,
It’s not just get it over to you
And get it done or
Get it quick,
It’s about how long it take and
When we’ll be one?
It’s not done.

I like to be filled with you! I am waiting for it So long!
Touch my naked heart with all of you hun
All night n’ all day, any time you come,
Yellow stars fade in, and there is no wrong.

See I am your dress hun like night on the forests.
I am waiting for one
Untill we become one, because
It was not done
It hasn’t done, yet!

See nice breeze uprising
Let it sooth the heart of queen
Let it touch the bridge between hearts and chin
Untill we become one, and
It’s not done, yet.