The grill of iron
is rolling
It is grilling sauces and spices
For a tummy-chilling food.

The grill is rolling…
Like dews rolling in the air with mist and vape
Which grows hunger and thirst,
as if
Slices of onion slide in the jungle of
The Extravaganza pizzas.

The grill is sending
The warmest hug of the season in a cold winter night to me. I feel a pair of
The Chocolate Lava cakes in my sight. My loves in the garden of hot iron are sliding and swinging through A pair of lava cakes
filled with chocolate dip.

The garden of a hot iron oven ;
Fire, fertilize flower food…

They are glowing with yellow fire, food for fertilizer,
I hear the crackle of the oven-flower.

All hungry lovers disappears; after chit-chat, all crowds sleeps,
Silence appears last.

The grill glides to stop slowly.
It left hungry lovers fall in sweet sleep late.
It’s as sweet as the pineapple dices from the Philippines.