Understanding the percentage with patience

Of course.
Contradict lies when
Patience is rare!

Patience is the friend of Kindness, Kindness is a friend of Patience.
There is no other love except
Patience and Kindness.

That makes love the one and only Great spirit. Kindness is an angel whereas Patience is another angel of Love.

Patience is part of love
50% of love is patience.

So, Kindness is part of love too
50% of love is Kindness true.

100 % Love has no enemy,
So, Love is omnipotent,
Love is a mixture of fifty fifty –
Patience and Kindness.

Kindness will allow you to
Be YourSelf,
Patience will allow you to
Be YourSelf,
Will Love allow this happen to be?

@New York, December 2017